Please feel free to review the wide range of samples I have posted below. My background and expertise is in writing, and most of the samples reflect that. However, my skill-set is adaptable, which is also reflected on this page with samples that include some design, web layout, animation, photography and more. It’s certainly not an exhaustive list. I have more. However, this page should give you an idea of the kind of creative and professional skill, range and talent I bring to any assignment or project. Have any questions? Let’s talk.

Please click on a link below to view the selected sample. Thank you. 


Feature article: A unique source of labour — the human spirit.

Feature article: The state of the U.S. market.

Feature article: Doing business in China.

Business profile: From war-torn Italy to North American success.

News section for national trade magazine.

Economics section for national trade magazine.

Product descriptions for national floorcovering magazine.

Masthead with my name on it (Some of the articles posted above don’t have my byline. It was the magazine’s policy. So, I’ve posted this masthead page with my name highlighted to prove that everything I post here was in fact written by me.)

Copywriting, Marketing and Websites

Content for entire mortgage-investment website.

Copy for engineering brochure/accompanying website.

Financial copywriting.

Product-descriptions copywriting for Delta Children’s Products.

(Also see “Product descriptions for national floorcovering magazine” above)

Full set of SEO optimized pages and articles.

Public-Relations Writing and Distribution

I designed a PR campaign that involved writing this press release and successfully attracting media exposure.

Instructional Design/Educational

Intro and chapter of innovative textbook that teaches accounting to non-financial students.

Workbook: Using Microsoft Excel for Financial Purposes.

Script Writing, Narration, Animation and Instructional Design/Educational

Script animation and narration using storyboards.

Technical Writing

Documentation I edited (track changes included) for a data-mining software company.

Webinar Production and Hosting

Brochure for webinar I produced and successfully hosted as last-minute replacement.


I’m not a graphic designer, and I would never pretend to be equivalent to a professional graphic designer. However, I do have some ability for design, which I believe the below samples demonstrate.

Investment brochure I created, wrote and designed from scratch.

Fillable PDF mortgage commitment that can make calculations (which required learning basic JavaScript).

Same mortgage commitment form as directly above, except in Microsoft Word’s fillable format, which is distinctly different from fillable PDF.

Web Layout/Online Platform Work

I have familiarity with various content management systems (CMS), including WordPress (I’ve worked with [this website] and, as well as some basic knowledge of html, CSS and web code.

Contact page that integrates and aligns text, images and Google Maps.

FAQ page that utilizes spacing of text, images, section headers and links.

Designed and implemented multi-page adaptable online application.


I’m also not a professional photographer. However, as an editor for two national trade magazines, I doubled as a photographer, and have also dabbled as an amateur.

Primary cover-shot photo that appeared in a national trade magazine.

I have worked on a long list of freelance/editorial projects and assignments (sometimes I forget just how many projects I’ve worked on and completed over the years), including:

Journalism, journalism articles, feature articles, feature interview articles, profile articles, copywriting, marketing materials, promotional materials, brochures, marketing packages, website content and other online writing, search engine optimization (SEO), instructional design/educational writing, textbook writing, workbook and seminar writing, technical writing, press releases.