headshot-dennis-furlan-borderWhy me?

That’s what you want to know when you’re visiting someone’s “About” page, isn’t it? Why hire this person, versus the next?

I offer the services of an exceptionally talented, skilled and experienced freelance writer, editorial professional and creative solutions provider with a track record of exceeding the expectations of customers and clients. In a sense, I’m a hired gun. I provide for you the words and content that you can’t produce for yourself.

Writing is a fascinating craft; one that often taken for granted; even considered a so-called “soft skill” that many people could do themselves if they put their mind to it. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you don’t believe me, just read what people write in their e-mails, texts, Facebook pages, etc. I often get a kick out of amateurs trying to write professionally. You don’t want to go there.

In my experience, people get blown away when they read what I have written for them. When you hire a true professional freelance writer, it’s an experience like no other. Clients become exceptionally proud of superior content they can call their own. That’s what I do for clients each and every time. That’s what I’ll do for you.

How it works

It’s quite simple, really. I’ll work with you — off-site or on-site, virtually or in-person — however you feel most comfortable, to produce content that will engage and captivate your intended audience. I’ve worked with clients over the phone, via e-mail, in person, or through travel — you name it. Today’s technology facilitates modern communication and commerce. In fact, I’ve had a full-time writing job where most of the work was done off-site, via e-mail, and some by phone. I’ve had clients that live five minutes away from my house in Burlington, Ontario, Canada (Greater Toronto Area [GTA]) that I never saw in person. Rarely was on-site contact needed for editorial assignments, although face-to-face meetings can come in handy when necessary. Ultimately, it depends on what you need. 

Of course, I have also had the fortune to travel as a writer (Las Vegas, Berlin, Istanbul, Atlanta, Winnipeg, Halifax, etc.) and this on-site option is always available for clients willing to hire a special writer to go places — both literally and figuratively.

Not only is my writing versatile, but so, too, is my working style. We’ll work together to get the job done — each and every time.

The kind of work I do

This is where there might be some debate among freelance writers, or among those that are in the practice of hiring freelance writers. Often people are looking for someone who “specializes” in a certain kind of writing. So, not only are they looking for someone who has done a lot of copywriting, for example, or freelance journalism, as another example, but someone who has done mostly fashion copywriting, or travel freelance journalism, and so on.

Before I tell you why I differ with this approach, let me first establish my credentials in specific types of writing. I have years of experience as a journalist, as a copywriter/marketing writer, and as an instructional designer/curriculum/educational writer. This is where much of my experience has gravitated. However, I approached all those fields of writing with virtually no prior experience, and always produced superior content — often blowing clients away in the process.

It’s a talent. I take ideas, often from diverse subject matter, and transform them into written content that does exactly what it was meant to do: impress readers. I can wrap my mind around various topics, either through research or advanced interviewing skills, and turn around and produce killer copy that demonstrates an advanced understanding of the material involved. It’s that simple — and that rare.

Versatile talent, original writing, fresh content

Other work I have done includes ghostwriting, business and personal correspondence, college/university application essays, tutoring — you name it. It’s come to the point where I honestly have lost track of all the projects I have done. But never have I taken on a job or project where I didn’t produce superior content that exceeded expectations of clients and engaged readers.

In contrast, I believe hiring a freelance writer who only does one very specific kind of writing is an example playing it safe, and you’ll get safe copy. You’ll get someone who knows about cars, or travel, or healthcare, and who keeps writing the same things about cars, or travel, or healthcare. In essence, these kinds of writers become a type of subject matter expert themselves, but that’s not what a writer really is, or should be.

Remember, if it’s superior written content that you’re looking for, then you shouldn’t be getting it from a subject matter expert. You should be getting it from a writer, who can turn around and access information from subject matter experts to produce the desired content. That’s the expertise that a professional freelance writer brings to the table for you. That’s what I bring to the table for you.

Jump in

You know you need a true professional freelance writer, or else you wouldn’t be here reading the content at the bottom of this page. So, jump in, and let’s go for it. There is nothing like the process of working with someone to produce written content that engages the target audience. Let’s do it together. Thank you for stopping by.