Please forgive me

I just posted on this blog a series of content-marketing articles I wrote for FreshBooks, but they’re not really blog posts. So, they’re clogging up the blog feed but, that’s OK, since I haven’t written a real blog post for quite some time. So, let me do a quick one right now.

The reason I want to do a quick blog post right now is to explain why I posted the articles in the way I did. And it’s the result of a rather creative use of WordPress.

Specifically, I used a blog category to serve as a portfolio folder. Let me explain.

My original intent was to try and post a link on my portfolio page to a folder of some of my FreshBook articles.  I couldn’t find any quick way of doing that. So, it occurred to me: Why not create a new blog category, and place all those articles under that category? It not only serves as an online folder, but it’s much nicer than if I had a folder of Microsoft Word documents.

As a result, I now have a link to this category of some of my FreshBook content-marketing articles, and that link is now on my portfolio page, and then on that category page are the previews and links for all the individual articles. Pretty smart, eh?

And, this should also serve as a reminder that I’m not just a very good writer, but I apply myself to all kinds of tasks to provide solutions, not just for myself but, most importantly, to my clients. That’s why “creative solutions” is almost always a part of my job description. I produce creative works, but I also use creativity to find all kinds of solutions for people that go beyond writing.


UPDATE: Oh, and by the way, in case you don’t know this, WordPress is very friendly to Microsoft Word documents. If you copy from a Word doc, and then paste into a new post on WordPress, the formatting tends to be preserved, including bold and italics, spacing and links. Pretty neat.

One thought on “Please forgive me

  1. I am glad to hear that you have been actively writing content-marketing articles for FreshBooks. It is great to see that you are using your blog in a creative way by using a blog category to serve as a portfolio folder. This is a great way to keep your blog organized and showcase your work in a clean and professional manner.

    I also appreciate your explanation of why you posted the articles in the way you did. It is important for readers to understand the reasoning behind the content they are reading.


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